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Mould shipment

We have a set of strict procedure of mould shipment, any shipped mould should be capable of mass production without any surprises.

We prefer to eliminate any potential issues in-house ourselves, instead of troubling our customers, so complete inspection is necessary as per customer’s expectation.

A mould shipping checklist is used and filled by our project manager through thorough inspection.

  • Mould cleaning
  • O-ring check
  • water leakage test
  • ejectors check
  • slider/lifter check
  • contour/parting line check
  • all engravings(outside+inside) check
  • guiding parts check
  • outside parts check(contour/safety strap/transportation bridge/water connectors/hot runner connector/covering plate/latch lock,,,etc.
  • good rust preventative spray and sealing
  • wooden box strong enough
  • spare parts supplied for easy-damaged parts.
  •     ………