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Mould Design

We can be very accurate and reliable design layout that customers realize what they want. Our designers are highly skilled team not only familiar with Hasco/DME parts,but also own a extensive design experience for various moulds,especially 2K mould. The English communication can be very professional + highly-effective through our project managers, who are all born from designers.(oral+written)

We have been training by our customers,but also have been training our custumers by representing a reliable and secure method/direction. We are still design innovation. We believe that our technology + service will get your trust and support.

  • Design for Manufacturing(DFM)----troubleshoot any improper design
  • One stop solution—ability to take products from concept to production
  • Strong engineering team
  • 3D solid mould design with UG NX 7.0
  • Mouldflow simulation

Sophisticated mould concept with a fully proactive & reliable solution

Design for Manufacturing(DFM)


  • draft analysis
  • sink mark analysis
  • improper design causing sharp steel
  • improper design failing to demould
  • design optimization to simplify parting line&mould structure
  • review 2D part drawing with tolerance/surface finish/gate/parting line/other notes.
  • review material datasheet to findout shrinkage,color,injection parameters.
  • review injection machine datasheet
  • review other written/oral requests from our customers

Stringent cooling advice to minimum deformation and cycle time

3D solid mould deisgn with UG NX 7.0


  • further optimisations with a thorough consideration.
  • tolerance adjustment as per 2D part drawing
  • all part colored and identified ---easy review + followup
  • strictly follow the standard and style of each customer
  • review process manufacturing capability to 3D design

Flow analysis , deformation analysis


Deformation analysis showed part deformation in X/Y/Z direction with 2 options of gate position,then we can know proactively which option is better,and do further optimizations accordingly.

Flow analysis can help us find a optimal gating solution on gate position,gate size and runner size, especially for family mould.